About the project

Nowadays, it is increasingly important to improve wearers’ health and well-being, so there is a real demand for the development of innovative products, which can protect against various risks; moreover, they can contribute to the prevention of certain occupational diseases.

The employers are legally obliged to provide their employees with equipment that protects against different threats.

However, only a part of the millions of people  working with electric, pneumatic hand tools wear protective equipment because such products are uncomfortable and they hinder in hand movements.

The main objective of the project is to develop innovative textile products (prototypes) and the necessary technology which can reduce vibrations and mechanical risks in extreme weather conditions. These knitted products can preserve the wearer’s health while protecting the whole body.

The technical-scientific work carried out as part of the project focuses on applying new/innovative techniques and solutions for designing and implementing products, complemented by a wide range of experimental and validation activities.

The specific objectives of the project -  are as follows:

  • The creation of composite textile structures/ materials resulting from the combination of spun and filament multifunctional and elastomeric yarns, by implementing new knitting techniques;
  • The development of new generations of technical products/articles, functional, flexible, comfortable, reproductible and competitive on the market as far as the quality-price balance is concerned; such products are destined to preserve the health state of the wearer and to lower the risk of work accidents or can be used for leisure or sports activities (clothing, medical textile devices, accessories and so on)
  • The development of new manufacturing technologies and of new product design concepts depending on specific needs;
  • The assessment of the functional and comfort performances of the newly developed products, either in a laboratory or by monitoring people who wear them;
  • Developing R&D activity and future collaboration of consortium members.

Estimated results:

  • Evaluation and research reports (diagnoses, evaluations));
  • Technical documentations for development, experimental models and prototype;
  • Trial reports, analyses;
  • Test report;
  • Project completion and implementation report - economic effects.

Such developments can lead to products which protect the functional performance of the limbs in case of extreme use and reconcile contradictory requirements, being comfortable when worn.

At present there is no appropriate assessment referring to the ability of the textile product to provide protection and prevention at the same time and to meet the requirements of comfort, ergonomics, and a certain level of protection, also taking into account the fact that multiple uses may heavily affect compliance.

Therefore, the project's further objective is to develop a method for complex examination of these characteristics and to propose necessary standardization or modification.

The project results will be applicable in the field of building industry, health care, sport apparel, transportation and also in the industrial automotive sector.

The project will be carried out as a Hungarian-Romanian cooperation in a time span of 36 months. The international cooperation consists of three companies, two universities and a testing institute.

Information about the stage of the reseach in Romania  are available here: