5th project meeting

At the end of 2018, finishing the 2nd term of the project, all three project partners informed each other in a report about the results already reached. The venue was the acoustic laboratory of Budapest University of Technology and Economics, where the new vibration measurement device is placed.

The meeting was attended by the University’s colleagues from finance and two engineers as guests, helping the work of their respective fields as financial accounting and device development.

The following items were on the agenda:

1. Site visit to the acoustic laboratory of the University 

2. The lead partner’s presentation about the difficulties and finalization of the 2017 report

3. Tasks overtaken by INNOVATEXT Zrt.

3.1. Project coordination

  • New forms for the professional and financial reports; specification of the information needed for the 2018’s report.
  • Due date of the professional report: 19 December 2018
  • Due date of the financial report: 14 of January 2018

3.2. Informing tasks

  • e.g. presentation of the updated website, public appearances on conferences in 2019 (AUTEX, A+A, Interprotex, Powtech, etc.), preparations of the research study about the 2nd term, TDM device validation (development, standard, instructions, set-up, round tests); analysis of textile materials and samples.

3.3. Laboratory examinations

  • comparison test of mechanical (knife cutting) risks; introduction of the new TDM knife cutting measuring instrument; presentation of the round test results and the project materials’ measurement results;
  • comparison tests of thermal risks: summary of burning behaviour test results.

4. Introduction of the guests from Budapest University of Technology and Economics’ Department of Polymer Engineering

  • Presentation of the ProTexSafe development work; ideas for possible further development

5. Budapest University of Technology and Economics report about the completed measurements

  • Comparison tests for textile material structures
  • Presentation and trial measurements on the new vibration measurement device fitted with a new handle.

6. Defining further test plans

Based on the evaluation of the examined test samples certain materials have been rejected, and new material structure examinations have been specified. Test samples will be made by Glovita Gloves Co.

December 07