6th Project Meeting

In the second half of 2019, with the participation of all three consortium partners a meeting was organized at the acoustic laboratory of BME where the project’s achievements were discussed.

The following points of the agenda were discussed:

1. The consortium leader reported on the reasons for the prolonged finalization of the 2018 professional and financial report.

2. Presented task of Innovatext Co.:

2.1. Project Coordination:

  • Technical Report to the Consortium Leader: December 20, 2019 (3-5 pages),
  • Financial Report to the Consortium Leader: until January 17, 2020.

2.2. Dissemination:

  • Introducing the uploaded website, Roman Partner Relationships,

2019 Conference Presentation:

  • AUTEX: June 11-15, 2019, Ghent, English abstract introduction, introduction
  • AACHEN-DENKENDORF DRESDEN Conference (November 28-29, 2019)
  • Analysis of Textile Fabrics and Patterns.

2.3. Laboratory Tests:

  • Presentation of TDM instrument interlaboratory tests, results of raw materials measurements.
  • Comparative study of thermal risks: discussion of the results of combustion behaviour tests.

3. BME report on the measurements so far, lecture:

Presentation of samples, comparative analysis of textile structures.

4. On the basis of the results, final testing plans were established.

Based on the evaluation of samples controlled by Innovatext Zrt. and BME, certain types of samples were discarded, further structural examination methods were identified, for which the samples were produced by Glovita.



Budapest, 20-09-2019

September 19